Arctic Warriors KERKKÄ Spruce Sprout Powder (40 g)


Spruce sprout (kerkkä) powder is a natural vitamin booster to keep the flu and tiredness away. Make sure to smell the jar first. The stunning aroma makes you feel like you were in the forest yourself!

Spruce sprouts are the very first spring treats in the forest. In the old days, they have been used to cure many a disease. Even today, spruce sprout powder is a great help to boost the immunity.

In addition to vitamin C and antioxidants, spruce sprouts are very antibacterial. They reduce inflammation in the body and can also be used for dental hygiene.

1 teaspoon per day mixed with water, tea, smoothie or yogurt (flavored with a little bit of honey if you wish) not only tastes good but also makes you wanna fly!

This spruce sprouts have been freeze dried and thus contain all the valuable nutrients and a stunning aroma. Product is official Finland’s 100 birthday product and has also received a honorable mention from VisitFinland for being an outstanding and a truly Finnish product.

Weight 0.060kg
Freeze-dried spruce sprouts from Lapland

1 teaspoon per day

Mix in smoothies, porridge, yogurt or water. Season you foods. Sprinkle on desserts.

Handpicked from the forest of Lapland with landowners permit.

Freeze-dried and powdered.

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