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Have a cup of Anneli’s calming tea and you’ll be soon drifting off to slumberland. The flavours and active agents are lemon balm, sweetgrass, peppermint, heather, hop, camomile and malva. Good night!


Lemon balm, sweet grass, peppermint, heather, hops, camomile, valerian, mauve flowe

The bag contains 30 g.

Lemon balm
The Greek name of lemon balm, melissa officinalis stands for a honey bee. The bees love lemon balm and it was used as a honey plant already in the ancient times. The lemon balm nectar is transformed into honey that tastes and smells of lemon.
Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) was named after a nymph Minthe in the Greek mythology. Zeus’s daughter Persefone was jealous of her rival Minthe and turned her into a herb.
In the medieval times the consumption beer in Finland grew so much that hops had to be imported. This import shook the balance of trade. Therefore in all the Scandinavian states a law was introduced that obligated peasants to cultivate hops. Taxes were paid in hops and the law required a certain number of hop poles per farm. This law persisted in Finland until 1915.


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