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Anneli’s herbal tea is good for you when you’re tired or feeling down. The sheer scent of peppermint, rosemary and meadow sweet in your steaming cup of tea refreshes you.


Peppermint, cloudberry, rosebay willowherb, meadow sweet, raspberry, garden angelica, blueberry, leuzea, rosemary.

The bag contains 30 g.

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) was named after a nymph Minthe in the Greek mythology. Zeus’s daughter Persefone was jealous of her rival Minthe and turned her into a herb.
Rosemary originates from Latin’s ros marinus, meaning the rose or dew of the sea. Rosemary grows wild on the dry hills of the Mediterranean region, near the sea. The scent of rosemary carries all the way to the sea.
Meadow sweet
Aspirin got its name from the former scientific name of meadow sweet that is spiraea ulmaria. In the early 1800s, salicylic acid was found in the flower buds of meadow sweet and the bark of white willow. In 1899 the medical company Bayer used it to develop an anti-inflammatory pain killer, Aspirin.
The vegetable of the northern peoples, angelica has been used as a herbal remedy and spice ever since the Viking times. It was thought that angelica would help with nearly everything from plague to broken hearts. According to the legend, the archangel Gabriel brought this miraculous plant from heaven and taught people how to use it.
Blueberry sprouts can be helpful in diabetes. The leaves contain nature’s own insulin, myrtillin. Tea prepared from these leaves helps balancing blood sugar levels.
Rosebay willowherb
It has been believed that rosebay willowherb increases the milk production in cows. The Finnish maitohorsma still includes the word milk in the name (maito=milk). The fluffy seeds of rosebay willowherb have been used as pillow filling and spun into threads for candles.

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