PALMROTH ORIGINAL Ballerina pumps, Pastel Suedes

Palmroth ballerina pump Aurora

Upper material: kid suede leather

soft beige leather lining

beige leather outsole

Aurora ballerina pumps are inspired by a popular Palmroth style from the 80’s. We brought the updated style back with four delicious colour combinations from which you can choose one or more favourites!

Upper material of this product is real Italian leather. You can brush dry leather lightly after use to keep the shoes clean. Protect them with spray conditioner before use. Shoes with leather soles are delicate to heat, they should be dried in a room temperature.

Leather-soled shoes are beautiful, light and breathable, but do require extra care and maintenance to keep in good shape. The nature of this material is that it wears quicker than rubber and is not suitable for wet conditions. Clean and treat your soles with a leather conditioner same way as the leather uppers, to keep them in good shape. If you want you can prolong the life of leather soles by having your shoemaker to apply a half rubber sole on the top of the leather sole to tolerate rough surfaces.

Made in Portugal

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