Hermandia SÖÖR wooden bow tie


SÖÖR, the amazingly beautiful wooden bows are designed with love and respect to nature and Finland. Each UNIQUE bow is made out of FSG-certified wood (5 different) coming from all around the world. The textile part in the middle is recycled, quality left overs from local tailors.

The box is crafted out of Finnish birch by Vuorisalo.

Psst… Each bow’s left overs create beautiful pair of DAAM earrings. What a perfect wedding or anniversary gift – SÖÖR and DAAM together, crafted out of one piece of wood.

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Elias, Antero, Filip, Richie, Denis, Akseli, Vapaavalintainen


Koivu, Pähkinä, Wenge, Mahonki, Tiikki, Kirsikka, Vapaavalintainen