Aarni Saga Ebony Watch


Dark Elegance. Aarni Saga Ebony Wood Watch is a beautiful watch choice for women. Dark ebony wood is paired with the shell white dial.

The Aarni Saga Walnut Wood Watch is delivered in an elegant watch case.

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Ebony Wood – Dark Mystique.

There is no other wood like ebony. Its history goes back through the ages and enchants with its luscious richness. Few other woods have remained as popular for millennia: from ancient Egyptian tombs to Indian kings’ drinking cups and the handles of Japanese samurai swords, ebony has been worshiped because of its beauty and mystery.

You will understand the mystical allure of ebony as soon as you take a piece into your hand: the wood is almost black as midnight. Due to its popularity, most trees in the ebony family are nowadays endangered. That is why we are very selective about the origin of our ebony. We use only FSC-certified ebony, mainly from Mozambique.

Case size 34mm
Case thickness 7,5mm
Band width 16mm Interchangeable band
Band length Adjustable for any wrist size between 12cm and 19cm with tools included.
Movement Japanese Miyota GL20 Quartz
Wood material Ebony, FSC-certified
Metal parts and inner case 316L Stainless steel
Dial color Shell white
Glass Sapphire coated mineral crystal
Water resistance 3 ATM (Rain resistant)
Origin Movement – Japan
Wood material – Mozambique, Africa
Assembly – Shenzhen, China
Design – Helsinki, Finland

Please note that products may vary in colour and tone within the same wood species.

Adjusting the watch band length

Aarni Watches are made to fit all wrist sizes. The wooden band can be adjusted to match your wrist size by removing or adding band links. Each watch is supplied with extension links and small screwdrivers that allow the band to be adjusted conveniently at home, too. The video shows you how to adjust the band length.